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Healthy Drinks for Toddlers: Juice
Healthy Drinks for Toddlers: Juice (Spanish)

Healthy Drinks for Toddlers: Milk
Healthy Drinks for Toddlers: Milk (Spanish)

NEW! – Milestones matter! Track your child’s milestones from age 2 months to 5 years with CDC’s easy-to-use illustrated checklists; get tips from CDC for encouraging your child’s development; and find out what to do if you are ever concerned about how your child is developing. Click below for more information.

Milestone Tracker Information
Milestone Tracker Information (Spanish)

About WIC

Operation Threshold provides Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) services in Benton, Black Hawk, Bremer, Buchanan, Chickasaw and Grundy Counties.  WIC is a federally funded program that has been providing food assistance, nutrition education and referrals to other social services agencies since 1974.

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WIC Facebook Pages

Operation Threshold’s WIC Facebook page
Iowa WIC’s Facebook Page – You Got This 

WIC Clinics

The WIC main office and clinic are located in Waterloo at 1535 Lafayette Street. However, in order to provide adequate services throughout the six-county region, WIC has clinics in various locations. Please call to schedule an appointment at any of these WIC locations. Walk-ins will be seen by a WIC Support Specialist; however, it may be necessary to schedule an appointment later in the day to complete the appointment. To make an appointment call (319) 291-2065.

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WIC Approved Foods List

Iowa WIC Approved Foods Booklet

Using your WIC Benefits

How to use the WIC Shopper App (English)
How to use the WIC Shopper App (Spanish)

Using your eWIC card (English)
Using your eWIC card (Spanish)

Farmers Market Information

Online Nutrition Education

To complete your WIC Nutrition Education online click on the WIC Health link here: www.wichealth.org

To find out how to create a WIChealth.org account, click here.

WIC Handouts, etc.

WIC Bean Cookbook
Eating for You & Your Baby
Every Woman Needs Folic Acid
Feeding Your Toddler
Formula Feeding: The First 6 Months
Ways to Slow Weight Gain During Pregnancy
Get the Most Iron Every Day
Healthy Sleep for You & Your Baby
How Does Formula Compare to Breastmilk
Keeping Your Baby Smiling
Make Healthy Choices for You & Your Family
Moms Helping Moms
Parents Provide Kids Decide
Protect Your Child From Lead Poisoning
The Secret to Serving Size is in Your Hand
Tips to Control Nausea When Pregnant
Tips to Prevent Constipation
Weaning from the Bottle
How to use a Medela Symphony Breast Pump
How to use a Medela Pump In Style breast pump

Your WIC Rights and Responsibilities 

WIC Participants Rights and Responsibilities (PDF)
WIC Participants Rights and Responsibilities (Video)
WIC Participants Rights and Responsibilities (Spanish)

State of Iowa WIC Website


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