Disaster Case Management

When a natural disaster occurs, the Governor of Iowa can issue a proclamation of disaster emergency. This proclamation allows State resources to be utilized to respond to and recover from the effects of the severe storms and flooding. The proclamation activates the Iowa Individual Assistance Grant Program for qualifying residents, along with the Disaster Case Management Program.

The Iowa Individual Assistance Program provides grants of up to $5,000 for households with incomes up to 200% of the federal poverty level, or a maximum annual income of $51,640 for a family of three (full income guideline chart is below). Grants are available for eligible home or car repairs, replacement of clothing, personal property or food, and for the expense of temporary housing.  Disaster Case Management is available to all that have been affected by the flooding, regardless of income.

Current Disaster Proclamations:

There is one current Disaster Proclamation for the storm that impacted the State on May 21, 2024. The Governor has included BLACK HAWK COUNTY in her Disaster Proclamation declared on May 22, 2024. BLACK HAWK COUNTY residents who have sustained storm damage have until July 6, 2024 to submit an application.

An application can be obtained by:

How the program works:

  • Operation Threshold will determine eligibility,
  • Operation Threshold will make direct payments to vendors for those with eligible repairs or purchase replacement items.
  • Original receipts are required for those seeking reimbursement for actual expenses related to storm recovery.

Income Guidelines:

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200% Federal Poverty Guidelines – 2024