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Starting October 1, 2020 households with someone age 60 or over, or with someone who has a disabling condition, or a household with a disconnect notice can apply for utility assistance through the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

All other households can apply starting November 1, 2020. Households approved for LIHEAP receive a payment to their hearing provider to help offset their winter heating costs.

Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, Operation Threshold is not seeing customers in person this heating season. Customers can apply in the following ways:

  1. Email: Customers can email Operation Threshold staff at to request an application.
  2. Phone: Customers can call Operation Threshold at the numbers listed below.  Leave a message requesting an application, along with your address.
    • Black Hawk County residents: 319-291-2065 
    • Buchanan County residents: 319-334-6081
    • Grundy County residents: 319-824-3460
  3. Pick-up/Drop-off: Applications will be available outside each Operation Threshold office building. Make sure to drop off your application and/or other information at the office serving the county where you live. The addresses can be found here
  4. Online: After November 1, 2020 customers will be able to submit an application for utility assistance online. The link will be available below. If you apply online, please send any required documentation to our Grundy Center office: PO Box 41, Grundy Center, IA 50638.

Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and will be processed within 30 days of receipt, and applicants will be notified of their denial or their approval amount by mail.  Households may receive assistance only once per season.  Households already approved for assistance for the 2020-2021 will not be able to apply again until next season.  In addition, those who qualify for LIHEAP are also protected by the moratorium, which prevents utility companies from disconnecting utilities from November 1st through April 1st.  

LIHEAP forms and the application will be posted and the link to apply online will activated after November 1, 2020.

Download the forms below:  

Applications for the 2020-2021 LIHEAP application will be made available when the program begins taking applications again, currently November 2, 2020.


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